Nabia - The New Mediumship
Nabia - The New Mediumship

A New & Unique Level of Mediumship & Paranormal Services

‘The earth is transforming into something more,
God is asking you to feel behind the veils and
experience Nabia in her renewed heaven.”

~ Nabia

Nabia - The New Mediumship

As Your New Medium And Experience Nebi Poel
Special gifts of a new heaven

I feel a burning love deep inside my heart for a new form of mediumship.
A burning fire to be a pioneer.
To be there were I ignore everything that already exists but to rise for
everything that wants to be born through me.
To reach for higher than the stars.

Nabia - The New Mediumship

There where I serve at the highest levels and at the same time being receivable.
For all the unique gifts and presents that my soul carries with her.
My holy path has all led to this one point.
A collaboration by god for more unconditional love, deeper healing, new materials
and a deeper and more profound understanding of the spirit world.
Life continues on a whole new way after death.

Nabia - The New Mediumship

Being one of them
We fight for a better world, not only for mother earth but to be of service
on a whole other level for a new heaven.
Through me spirit shines.
I am grateful and humble to serve you.

Nabia - The New Mediumship
Nabia - The New Mediumship
Nabia - The New Mediumship

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Private Sessions with Nabia
Give yourself the healing and gratitude that will allow you to receive new solutions from a new era & the future. It is time to open to receiving specific, large insight and genuine, spiritual and emotional connection through this New Mediumship.

Nabia Kritya, Transitioning Over, Psychic Detective, Group Sessions, Spirit Photography, Paranormal Children, and Nabia’s Discarnate’s

Nabia - The New Mediumship
Nabia - The New Mediumship

The Initiation of The Nabia
Level One Retreat
Are you ready to receive the downloads of the New Mediumship? To be a pioneer?
For the material and the spiritual world?
Do you feel a deep calling to become acquainted with a completely new form of mediumship? To expand in a big way, in your personal and psychic development?
Are you the new multi-dimensional medium?
Then your time to evolve is now!

Nabia - The New Mediumship


FREE New Mediumship Video Series

To learn more about the New Mediumship & the different services of Nabia,
and find out how to book a private session with Nabia, please sign up to this free
video series. Please note, this video series is a prerequisite to working with Nabia.

Nabia - The New Mediumship
Nabia - The New Mediumship
Nabia - The New Mediumship
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